This is what the shape of your butt says about your diabetes risk, heart health and more

The first thought of a big, fat ass is that the respective person is overweight, and thus that they have health problems.


However, this doesn’t have to be true at all, because someone’s figure could just submit a bigger butt. And when it comes to health, it is much more dangerous to have excess fats around the chest, near the heart.

Actually, fat on the hips protect the heart retaining fat in the places from which it cannot harm the vital organs.

These are the most common shapes of butts, and what they actually mean:

  • “V” shape

This form is characterized by thin waist and some wider hips. The butt is actually the biggest in the lower back, and then gradually narrows. This form is more characteristic for older women, so in this case they must regulate the intake of fats and trans fats.

  • Rectangular shape

Also known as “muscular ass”. It is characteristic that this ass shape is with a similar width as the hips. For doing minimal transformation to this ass you will have to give in a lot of effort.

  • Round shape

Otherwise called cherry or apple shaped. The waist here is significantly thinner than the bottom which is full and rounded. Individuals possessing such ass generally are very healthy people. This form of butt is easily to shape, but these bottoms are most susceptible to the accumulation of fat.

  • Heart shaped

This is definitely the most desirable form of ass, and certainly the most beautiful. However, if people who possess it don’t exercise regularly, they risk being confronted with serious health problems.