Bosnian Woman Has Discovered a Cure for Escherichia Coli

Ljubica Kovac has found a cure to the deadly bacteria Escherichia Coli.

All that is needed is to combine root parsley, lemon with rind, honey and olive oil.

Escherichia Coli can cause infections of the gastrointestinal tract and urogenital tract, sepsis, meningitis and pneumonia.

It is a gram-negative bacterium, whose natural habitat is in intestine of people and animals. E. ColiĀ  is a part of the intestinal flora and is essential for the digestion and synthesis of some substances, such as vitamin K and the breakdown of lactose. This bacteria is a indicator of fecal contamination of water and is one of the most common causes of bacterial infections in humans.

Knowing the harmful effect of Escherichia Coli, all of us must be happy with the fact that the ingredients for the revolutionary product of Ljubica Kovac can be found in almost any store.


You will need:

250 grams of root parsley
250 grams of lemon with rind
200 grams of honey
2 dl of olive oil


First, squeeze the juice of the lemons. Then chop the root parsley and rind of lemon into a very small pieces. After that mix them with the honey, olive oil and the lemon juice in a pot.


Consume one tablespoon of the mixture before breakfast and dinner.

Note: Keep the mixture in a fridge.

After you have eaten the whole mixture, it is needed to make medical tests at the doctor, in order to find out whether there are still some bacteria that have stayed in your body. If the tests show that you still have E.Coli in your organism, you should consume the same quantity of mixture again.

In most of the cases, only one mixture is enough for complete healing.