The fact that today more than 25% of adults in the world suffer from hypertension, with a constant tendency of rapid growth, this discovery can have major importance in the treatment.

If you have high blood pressure, and want to get rid of it for good, all you got to do is include beetroot in your diet!

By consuming beetroot on a daily basis, the ability of your blood vessels to expand and contract will be improved by 20%. It is also important for you to know that after the digestion, the nitrates in the beetroot are converted in nitric oxide, and in a few hours they will lower your blood pressure.

Daily intake of half deciliters beetroot juice significantly lowers the blood pressure, so claim the British experts, led by Professor Graham McGregor. They came to this conclusion after a research they did with a group of healthy people, and they gave them half deciliters beetroot juice. After an hour, their blood pressure decreased, and all the impressions were even higher after three hours, and noticeable for 24 hours.

So, all you got to do to lower your blood pressure is include beetroot in your daily diet, and more green leafy vegetables, because they affect the cardiovascular system very positively.