Attention! Acidic pH is allowing Cancer to Multiply. Read Here How to Restore Balance Fast

If we don’t maintain in normal ours pH levels in our body, can be fatal, and sometimes even deadly. Our body enters in an acidic state if our   blood pH is below 7.35 and that can lead to cancer.

So far, we must keep our body in normal acid-base balance-homeostasis, which is between pH 7.35-7.45 to prevent occurrence of cancer.

We can check our pH level with tests that can be purchased in any local drug store. One of the tests is done by testing your saliva. To be successful the result we shouldn’t eat nor drink anything for two hours. First, we need to wash our mouth with our own saliva, and then swallow. Than we need to put the strip in the saliva. After that we should compare the results against to the color chart that goes along with our strips and establish our pH.

We can come to conclusion that our body suffers from excess gas, constipation and production of mold and fungus if the saliva pH is below 6.5.

If we take the urine test, then we can note that in the morning, it is best to be done. All we need to do is to urinate on the strip and again compare the results with those on the guide kit. If the pH is below 6.5 it indicates that body’s fluids are too acid.

One of the most common causes for acidic chemistry in our bodies is  unhealthy foods and drinks .Also ,as it was said , acidic pH   increase the risk of many illnesses and even cancer.

By eating organic and healthy food, learn which one is alkaline and which is acidic food and keep proper diets, we can restore our pH balans.

Today, in the world, there are many doctors that are dedicated him to the naturopathic and homeopathic aspects of medicine, in order to educate others how to prevent themselves from facing this disease.