Asian Farmed Seafood Full Of Antibiotics And Pig Feces. Find Out How To Tell Which One Is Safe!

Natural shrimps are very healthy and beneficial because they are rich in proteins, low in fat, loaded with vitamin B12 & D and omega-3 fatty acids.


But this cannot be said for the shrimps sold in the U.S., because they are farmed in an unhealthy way.

Vietnam is one the biggest importers of shrimps in America, with over 100 million pounds per year, which is almost 8% of all the shrimps consumed.

The shrimp request in America has increased incredible in the last 20 years, causing competition in the seafood market. Trying to keep up with the competition, most producers reduce the health and safety standards.

According to a research, shrimps farmed in Vietnam are frozen before exportation, but in water unsafe for use.

Mansour Samadpour, a microbiologist specialized in investigating the water used for their farming, says that this water is suitable for development of all sorts of bacteria and diseases. “The conditions are unacceptable, the ice is made from dirty water and there are animals, like pigs, near the farms.”

Not only are the shrimps from Vietnam raised in low health conditions. Another investigation has discovered that tilapia farm in China is using pigs and geese feces to feed the fish.

According to Michael Doyle, the director of the University of Georgia`s Center For Food Safety, this is the reason for the increased number of bacterial diseases. He says: “Chinese use manure to feed the fish which is often contaminated with microbes, like salmonella.”

Another problem why farmed seafood is much worse than the one caught in the wild is that farmed fish and shrimps are loaded with hazardous antibiotics.

Consumer Report did a study which shows that farmed shrimps contain high levels of dangerous bacteria and antibiotics, which can be another reason to stay away from farmed seafood.

The farmed sea animals are also crammed in spaces which are too tight, so that disease can spread easily.

A study on 342 frozen shrimps discovered that 60% of the shrimps have salmonella, listeria, E. coli or vibrio, as well as traces of sulfa antibiotics, enrofloxacin and oxytetracycline.

94% of the shrimps sold in America are imported from Asia, precisely from Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and India, and in every country the farming conditions are incredibly low. Disease spread easily, to antibiotics are overused to keep the shrimps alive.

Another study by Consumer report shows that raw shrimp caught in the wild has the lowest bacteria amount of the examined samples.

We advise you to avoid farmed seafood. Buy local wild-caught fish and shrimps. Farmed seafood may be cheaper, but the bacteria and antibiotics it contains are very dangerous for our health, and the risk isn`t worth it.