Twin Babies Caught On MRI Scan Fighting In Their Mother’s Womb! Amazing!

When the mother is expecting twins, the joy and happiness of the whole family increase. Everyone wants to give advices and suggestion on what the expectant mother should or shouldn`t do.

The Public Library of Science One stated that twin fetuses are learning and showing some social skill from the womb. Both babies are capable of social interaction with others very soon after they are born.

This video will show you twins moving in the womb while, as it looks like, they wrestle and apologize. Few hours after birth, these babies can imitate gesture of the people they see around them and make certain social interactions. According to researches, socialization is deep into our nature, it is evident even from the period when we are in the womb.

As you can notice, the baby on the right side seems to be the dominant one, and the left-side baby is more careful. While the one is kicking his sibling, the other one kisses his forehead. The behavior of the twins can be seen from inside the womb.