According to Harvard Psychologist, This Is The First Thing You Should Do After Waking Up

We all know hard it can be to get out from the bed in the morning. But Amy Cuddy, a psychologist from Harvard, says that this can be made easier if we only do this one thing as soon as we wake up.

Stretch your body as wide as possible as soon as you open your eyes, before even getting from the bed.

Cuddy is the author of a book on powerful ways in which our posture can influence the thoughts and emotions we have. The book is called “Presence: Bringing your boldest self to your biggest challenges.”

The second most viewed TED talk is the one where Cuddy explains how standing like Wonder Woman can build confidence.

Her research is very radical. We usually think that our emotions trigger our behavior and actions; for example, when we feel confident, we stand proud and tall. But Cuddy claims the opposite- striking s power pose can make us feel more confident. It is the same with stretching out in the morning, before we get out of the bed.

She recently explained how this can carry over our everyday routine. Like the morning power of making ourselves grand from the first moment we open our eyes.

As she points out, the action can generate a good feeling- people who wake up stretching are very happy during the whole day. So happy that they can even annoy us with their happiness!

As Cuddy says: “Some preliminary evidence show that people who sleep in a fetal position and wake up curled like a cat are much more stressed out, after they wake up and during the day.”

She says the about 40% of all people sleep in a fetal position, which makes them less confident throughout the day. And what happens when this continues for weeks, months and years? One annoying morning turns into a lifetime of unhappiness.

Cuddy`s research proves that this can easily be fixed if we start our day the right way. Maybe you`ll have to fake it in the beginning, but it won`t be too long before you really start feeling positive and happy.