8 Warning Signs OF Functioning Alcoholics

Alcoholism can be treated as a disease which destroys lives. It will cause you your job, you can lose your friends and family, it controls every aspect of your life. Most of the alcoholics go through the same struggle, but some are able to keep the addiction hidden from the others. These people can manage spending time with the family, performing their daily routine and going to work as usual. There is a term for this group, and it`s “functioning alcoholics”.

But this does not mean their alcoholism is not a problem. Their health gets worse, and they can even end up dead.

If you are suspecting that someone close to you is a functioning alcoholic, they probably are. These are the 8 most common signs of a highly-functional alcoholic:

  1. No hangovers

If you drink regularly for a long time period, you get addicted to alcohol and it`s always in your blood stream because you don`t give it a chance to leave the body. Functioning alcoholic can drink lots of alcohol and wake up the next morning with no hangover.

  1. They can`t have only 1-2 drinks

When you are on a party, some family gathering, everyone is having a glass of wine, or a beer or two. But not an alcoholic, he will always have an excuse to drink one more, no matter how much he has had before.

  1. Denial

If you confront a person about their drinking, with a question or a sincere concern, they will always get angry, denying that they have a problem. They refuse to even engage in this kind of conversation.

  1. Hiding the alcohol

An alcoholic never has a problem to drink alone. You can find alcohol hidden in their car or the office desk. Deep inside them, they know that they drinking more than they should, but don`t want anyone to know this.

  1. Memory loss

A functioning alcoholic can get obliterated without anyone knowing, so they black out at a party, in a bar, and the next day they won`t have any memory of what happened there.

  1. Replacing food with alcohol

Alcoholics often replace meals with drinks, many of them lose interest in food entirely, and others use the meal time as an excuse to begin with the drinking.

  1. Become irritable without alcohol

If a functioning alcohol gets stuck somewhere he/she can`t drink, they become irritated, aggressive, uncomfortable and nervous because the body has negative reactions to the lack of alcohol. The sedative effect of alcohol is what they are dependent on. Like with any addiction, abrupt withdrawal will cause rapid heart rate, anxiety, uncontrollable shaking and sweating.

  1. There is always some excuse

They will always find an excuse and justify to others their drinking, it can be their stressful work, hanging out with friends, some celebration, or because they`ve had a long week. In their head, there is always some reason for drinking.

If you know someone with a drinking problem, or you yourself are struggling with this disease, consult a health care professional or look for some online help.

Source: www.davidwolfe.com