Arthritis is considered to be the number one problem of many people worldwide. Experts calculated that arthritis is the most expensive disease in the world, if you don’t heal yourself.

The right diagnose and discovering the disease on time may not cure it, but it will for sure make you feel less pain.

Of course, a lot of us don’t see the problem until it becomes too late, and we search for alternatives everywhere, in order to make our condition better.

The most common types of arthritis are rheumatoid and osteoarthritis,  and hand joints are one of the most affected. People who suffer from that, lose the ability to perform their everyday activities.

Luckily, we have some exercises to make your daily activities easier.


– Thumb bend – very easy, just try to touch your pinky finger with the thumb, and repeat that 10 times.

– Finger lift – put your hand on the table, and raise each finger as high as you can, and repeat that actions 10 times.

– Make an O – straighten your left hand and make an “o” by pushing the finger inward. Repeat ths three times.

– Make a Fist – when you make a fist, try to place the thumb out, and repeat it 10 times with both hands.

– Wrist Stretch – hold the affected joint gently and hold in that position for few seconds. Also, repeat the movements 10 times.

– Table Bend – you will need to put your left pinky close to the table and then point the thumb up, and try to make   This exercise is very effective for stretching

– Fan and Fist – spread your fingers in order to form a fan, make a fist and remain thus for 10 seconds.

– Finger Bands – keep your left hand straight and then bend the thumb in the direction of your palm. Do this 10 times.


source: gofitstayfit.com