These 7 Foods Can Destroy Cancer- Start Eating Them!

The following 7 foods have shown incredible results in inhibiting the growth of many cancer types. Some scientists even claim that they can be more powerful than conventional treatments like chemo.

Angiogenesis is a physiological process of formation of blood vessels in the early stages of fetal development. But it also takes place throughout the entire life, when we suffer injuries, burns, cuts, or any damage of the blood vessels.

This process is also very important for cancer growth. It is led by inhibitors and activators. Most cancer studies and research are concentrated on the inhibitors, despite the fact that the activators are the ones initiating formation of new blood vessels.

These 5 foods and 2 drinks are very powerful in inhibiting the angiogenesis, which stops blood flow to the cancer cells. When let without new blood cells, cancer lacks nutrients and oxygen, so it can`t spread.


This amazing spice, used to treat many health conditions and to promote weight loss, is also very useful in prevention of cancer growth.


A recent Harvard study discovered that the risk of prostate cancer can be cut in half with regular consumption of tomatoes. Lycopene from tomatoes is very powerful cancer-fighting ingredient which impedes angiogenesis. For the best results, we should consume cooked tomatoes because the lycopene`s concentrations increase and it is easily metabolized when subjected to high temperatures.

Dark chocolate

Eat dark chocolate frequently because it increases the effects of cancer treatments.

Blueberries and raspberries

These berries are rich in phytochemicals, which are very beneficial for fighting cancer, especially ovarian cancer, because they impede angiogenesis and decrease oxidative stress.

Red wine

Red wine contains Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant, which is found in grapes skin. This antioxidant has potent cancer-fighting properties, it can prevent cardiovascular disease as well as premature aging. It is also recommended to health problems like viruses, bacteria, free radicals, low levels of energy, poor mental alertness, damages DNA and many more. The usual red wines contain 640 mcg of Resveratrol in 225 ml, but certain wines like Pinot Noir or Bordeaux are even richer.

Green tea and coffee

Chemicals and antioxidants found in green tea and coffee have strong cancer-fighting properties, and they are also very beneficial for cancer prevention.