In the time that we live in today, it is inevitable to not use social medias. And the online communication has a very big role in our everyday interaction with other people.


Everyday people post many informations on the social networks using them as a perfect place for promotion of new ideas, or just most simply put, as a effective tool to communicate with many people.

However a lot of people, probably not on purpose, a lot of information about themselfes and their life, thinking that way they will get more noticed and get more attention. The truth is, most of that, like the part what you eat or drink, is the part that no one cares about, and show how much you need real friends and attention in your life.

Here are 6 things you should not post on social medias:

1. Stalk your Ex

This is a big NO-NO, although every single one of us has done it. But, that’s not healthy at all. This is a sure way to keep unwanted attachments, jealosy and a lot of drama filled mental comparison. There is no need for that. Enjoy your life, and let your ex partner enjoys his life too.

2. Create a perfect vision of you

Pretending something you’re not, never ends good. Especially when you tend to create an ideal you on the social media. The perfect example are the photos. We choose which one to post, we change it, photoshop it, crop it, manage it, filter it and other stuff. And, there goes another you. The end result, an ideal you that in reality I’m sure very few of us can actually live up to it. Just, don’t do it.

3. Constantly writing negative comments or jokes

There is always than one person, that lives her life as if nothing ever affect her, and constantly complains. No one’s life is easy, but not all write 20 posts a day about how unfair life is or how people are bad. The same thing goes for constant pranksters. Yes, in every society there is that chief joker who always manages to laugh all, and that is not good at all.

4. Compare yourself with others

Despite the fact that social medias want us to play perfect beings, you should not fall into that trap. The image you see on social medias is only a small piece of one’s overall life, which believe it or not, contains the same problems you face, but the artificial smile hides them all.

5. Social networks become your only means of communication

Virtual communication in no way can replace the real one, let’s make that clear. Take time and meet the people you care about. Yes, sometimes we all have too many responsibilities and don’t have enough time, and then social medias can come in handy, but the conversation on Skype, or Messenger or Viber can never be as funny as coffee and laughing with your best friend.

6. Social networks are not the place for showing your emotions

When you end a long relationship and feel great sadness and emptiness, it is completely normal that you share that sadness with someone, but that “someone” in no way can be your 1356 friend or Facebook, or 1697 followers on Twitter, because not all of them care. The 5% that does care will certainly contact you even without you posting on social networks, because they will already know how you feel and they will be there for you.

source: www.collective-evolution.com/