5 Secrets to Making a Bed Like a Hotel Housekeeper

Let’s be honest, nobody want to waste time making the bed. We’re either too lazy about it, boys simply don’t care, and usually the moms are the ones that have to hit their head about it. Well, this is for all you who hate making the bed, yet, they want it perfect.

Let’s start with the easiest one:

  • Use two identical top sheets – first, lay them down flat on the mattress, then tuck them into the sides and the end of the bed, leaving the corners hanging out. Then, lift the edge of the sheet to form a 45-degree angle with your mattress, then pull and tuck the hanging fabric under the mattress.


  • Use your duvet cover corners – for conquering this cover solo, use both hands to grab the top corners of the comforter from the outside, then reach through and pull the fluffy comforter up with you until it’s engulfed in the duvet.


  • Relax any wrinkles – it’s quite simple – just use misted water in a spray bottle!


  • Karate moves on your comforter – may sound funny, but its really pretty once you’re done. The trick is to ensure the amount of the comforter you fold inwards is even on both sides, and when you karate chop into the fabric, you can fold both ends down from one side of the bed.


  • Flatten your pillows – put your hands in the middle, then slowly push both them out in the opposite directions to make your pillow about half as thick as before you started. Then, grab the two top corners of your pillowcase and stand the pillow up next to the headboard. Stack your other pillows against this base pillow. Very easy!


Well that’s it! Trust me this tricks look, and are very simple, but they make your bedroom look like its been done by a pro! Try it, and you’ll see for yourself.


Source: www.goodhousekeeping.com