These 5 houseplants will clean the air in your home and your lungs from toxins

The plants you keep in your house usually serve as a decoration, to brighten up your living space, but they can also neutralize the toxins contaminating your home.

Bill Wolverton, a former NASA scientist is using his knowledge of the detox effects of plants for the invention of high-tech filter designed in the form of a potted plant.

Still, we prefer using things coming directly from the nature. The following five houseplants are incredible in removing formaldehyde, compound listed as potential carcinogen. Formaldehyde can be found in plastics, carpeting and synthetic fabrics, all of which we have in our homes.

  1. Bamboo palm: this plant thrives in humid environment; also, keep it in an area with medium to bright light
  2. Spider plant: Thrives in medium to bright light; needs water, but let the soil dry first before you water it again
  3. Peace Lily: Soil should be slightly moist and the light medium
  4. Snake plant (also known as Mother-In-Law`s tongue): Very durable plant which can grow in any conditions and light, just be careful not to overwater it.
  5. Corn plan or Janet Craig: Thrives in bright, but no direct sun light; water only when the soil is dry from the last watering.