5 Chair Exercises That Will Reduce Your Belly Fat While You Sit

We all want than magic that will help us lose the unwanted weight overnight. But until that pill is made, we will present you with a few fun exercises which will help you burn the fat and strengthen you abs while sitting.

These exercises are excellent for people working in an office, spending most day sitting, because this will shorten up the time for working out, plus it will be fun.

Statistics say that an average American has 4 hours of free time every day, which are usually not spent rationally. People usually use their free time to watch TV, scroll up and down the social media, or just sit down and do nothing.

For the average American mother, it`s even worse- they only have 36 minutes of free time a day. Still this is not an excuse for not working out. You don`t have to go to the gym, you can do some fun exercising at the comfort of your home. Like these 5 simple chair exercises, for example.

The video below will show you how you can work out from the chair in your office or at home. Fitness trainer Denise Austin is targeting busy women, who don`t have the luxury to spend lots of time for exercising, but they want to get rid of the stomach fat and tighten their abs.

Source: www.fhfn.org