These 3 Mineral Waters Can Remove Aluminum From The Brain

In the last few decades, the number or neurological disorder associated with aluminum toxicity is constantly growing. Aluminum is intrusive enough to enter the gray matter of our brain and not even the blood brain barriers can stop it. It accumulates in the tissue which does not have rapid cellular change.


Apoptosis is the term used for cellular death and process of replacement, which excludes cancer cells. The cancer cells reproduce and colonize the body turning into tumors until they are destroyed with some natural or synthetic chemical compound.

Aluminum can accumulate to toxic levels in slow apoptotic turnover tissues, like the brain, heart and bone marrow. Disease like Parkinson`s, MS, Alzheimer`s, chronic fatigue or other autoimmune or neurological diseases manifest in the brain and the nervous system, as well as learning disorders and the complete spectrum of autism.

Aluminum is everywhere around us, in the cosmetics, antiperspirants, sunscreens, foil, cookware, beverage containers, cigarette smoke and chemtrail which contain aluminum nanoparticles that can be breathed in the lungs and go directly in the blood or the brain through sinuses.

Also, every single vaccine contains aluminum. By injecting it, aluminum cannot be eliminated through normal channels, it goes straight into the blood and then the heart and brain.

Dr. Chris Exley, PhD, says that we are living in the aluminum age, even though some say that this is a very common mineral on our planet, meaning it must be harmless. But the doctor has spent 20 years in researching the toxicity and effects of the aluminum.

Before the “Age of Aluminum”, it remained in the ground as the most abundant mineral, which was not mined yet. Dr. Exley claims that there is a link between the aluminum mining and its use in many different ways with the increased number neurological disorders.

In 2011, Dr. Chris Exley sent a message to the Vaccine Safety Conference, with the key aspect of helping vaccinated children improve neurological damages. But the irony is that the treatment includes the second most abundant mineral in earth- silica. He put children suffering from autism or other neurological disorder caused by a vaccine on a silica form called silicic acid. The treatment showed incredible results.

Silicic acid is oxygenated silica, and Dr. Exley thought it would be the best bio-available way to insert the silica in the blood through the gut, then into brain cell tissue where it will bind with the molecules of aluminum, taking them safely out of these cells and our body through urine.

He used Spritzer, Malaysian mineral water on autistic children, with positive results. Few years later, he and his team used this water on 15 Alzheimer`s patients, precisely one liter a day for 13 weeks.

The subject`s aluminum levels decreased from 50-70 %. From the 15 volunteers involved, 8 showed no deterioration and 3 substantial cognitive increase. Coconut oil may be better for reversing Alzheimer`s, but this mineral water rich in orthosilicic or ionic silicic acid can decrease the levels of aluminum in the brain so it will be able to fight the disease.

Some American options, containing the similar levels of silicic acid as Spritzer, are Fiji and Volvic.

People`s chemist Shane Ellison has analyzed many different types of bottled water and came to the conclusion that Fiji water is free of BPA and similar chemicals. Other which were highly rated are Evian, Smart Water and Voss.

In order to get some results you should follow the suggested protocol: 1.5 liters of one of these waters a day, for at least 5 days. If you feel like the aluminum toxicity levels are particularly high, drink more. According to Dr. Exley, for most effective results of the detoxification drink the whole body within an hour. He says that there are 3 commercial bottled waters which are listing on their labels the amounts of silica, as milligrams per liter. The highest amounts contain Fiji. Here we must highlight that none of us is affiliated with the Fiji Company.

Waters containing silica can be used as a supplement for preventing dementia. Along with cold pressed coconut oil, it can also prevent and stop early Alzheimer`s or reverse its symptoms.

Sufficient amounts of silica can help eject aluminum through urine. Slight danger is possible from over-consuming the water, but you`ll be safe as long as vitamin B1 and potassium levels are alright.

More information about Silica

This mineral provides collagen elasticity of the connecting body tissues, like cartilage and tendons. This way aches and pains will be reduced and body flexibility maintained.

High levels of blood serum silica can prevent arterial plaque from accumulating and clogging the blood vessels.

It`s not the cholesterol levels that are no.1 culprit for arterial plaque, now it`s arterial calcification from serum calcium which cannot be absorbed as bone matter. And silica is important for building bone matter.

Deficiency in silica, magnesium and vitamin K2 can obstruct calcium from becoming part of bone matter, remaining in the blood to possibly calcify the soft tissue of the inner artery walls.

Silica is very important for keeping healthy cardiovascular system and strong bones, meaning that this mineral is crucial for anti-aging treatments

Some good sources of silica are cucumbers, the horsetail herb and diatomaceous earth powder.