Diet pills are thought to be the easiest and fastest way to lose weight, which sounds perfect, especially for people who are too busy with their kids or at work. Even though not all diet pills can end up fatally like the man from this story, it is still best to consult your doctor before start to take any.

An episode was aired during the daytime TV show The Doctors where the main goal was to warn people about the potential severe side-effects of these pills.

Warning: The following video contains graphic images

The man shown on the footage took diet pills called DNP, or 2,4-Dinitrophenol. These pills sabotage the ability of the body’s cells to process energy. Instead of converting food into fat or energy, the cells burn it off as heat. The problem is, human body cannot manage all the excess heat and becomes hyperthermic. But, hyperthermia is not the reason for the man’s problem. DNP is known for its ability to cause side-effects like skin lesions, cataracts, and brain damage, which is why it was banned in 1938 when the severe risks of the drug were discovered.

Even though not all diet pills are life-threatening like DNP, they are a waste of money most of the time. Moreover, why going for synthetic solutions for your problems when they can be solved naturally?

You should eat frequent meals of whole foods like vegetables, low-fat cheese, whole grains, lean meats, and fruit. Exercising is essential in losing weight, so you can either go to the gym or visit spin or yoga classes, or you can go for brisk walks, jogging or playing outside with your kids. The key is to be physically active.

Furthermore, eliminate any type of processed food, sugary, and trans-fatty foods. Your waistline will be grateful.

Soda pops should also be eliminated as it can cause various side-effects, including weight gain. Alcohol can also fill your body with unnecessary calories. Except, studies have shown that moderate consumption of red wine doesn’t cause any troubles. We recommend you to start drinking lemon water.

Expelling negative energy through meditation is also helpful. By using meditative techniques while eating, you can focus on each bite, slow down, and enjoy your food more, increasing your feelings of satisfaction. Also, don’t forget to hydrate your body, drink plenty of water.