2 Gigantic Underwater Crystal Pyramids Found At The Center Of The Bermuda Triangle

The oceanographer Meyer Vergal, using sonar, has discovered 2 gigantic crystal pyramids at the ocean bottom, at a 2,000 meter depth. With other instruments and devices, scientists managed to determine that the pyramids are made from a substance resembling crystal. After measuring the pyramids, they found out that they are 3 times bigger than the Cheops pyramid in Egypt.

According to Dr. Vergal, more information about the mysterious Bermuda Triangle disappearance can be revealed, by further investigation of these crystal underwater pyramids. He held a press conference I the Bahamas to present the report containing the exact coordinated of the pyramids` location. He also stated that the technology they are using technology unknown to modern science. Further results from the research are yet to come, and we can just imagine how shocking they might be.

Lost during last pole shift?

Few Western scholars argue that the pyramids have probably been made on the mainland, and a powerful earthquake has changed the landscape completely.

Others think that there area, around the Bermuda Triangle, was the cornerstone of Atlantis, and the pyramids were most likely a supply warehouse for its citizens.

But we still need a more detailed and scientifically proven study. All the data have been processed, with the conclusion that the surface of the pyramids is very smooth, like ice or glass. As we said before, their size is three times the Cheops pyramid.

This sensational news was discussed at a Florida conference, and reported to the local newspapers, with many pictures and high-resolution data showing the perfectly smooth pyramids in 3D without the algae, cracks and debris covering them.

A challenge for the current archeological theories

Diving teams from the U.S. and France have recently verified a gigantic structure, first identified in the 1960s by certain doctor. Instead of rushing to investigate the matter, world scientists are ignoring this discovery. The only thing they`ll do, if forced to come out with a statement, is to position themselves as highly skeptical.

The existence of these pyramids can confirm the suspicions of some engineers- that they were originally built as power sources, which may support the belief of the existence of Atlantis, or give answer to the mysterious things and disappearances happening in the Bermuda Triangle.


1968 discovery

The first pyramid was discovered by accident in 1968, by a naturopath by the name of Ray Brown form Arizona. He was on vacation in the Caribbean, diving with some friends in the Bahamas region called “the tongue of the ocean” because part of the seabed shaped as a tongue extends out from the island before dropping off in great depths very sharply.

As he explained, at one moment he got separated from his friends. He tried to find and rejoin them, when he came across a massive structure lying on the bottom of the ocean, in the shape of a pyramid.

He was short on air, so he didn1t have enough time to investigate the structure, but he found a strange crystal sphere.

He took the sphere with him. Scientists studied the object and were amazed and astonished by its characteristics.


Properties of the crystal pyramids

According to some theories, the power pyramids in the city of Atlantis were made of crystals. Is it possible for this to generate and distribute energy when needed? The answer is yes.


Decades ago, it was discovered that crystal pyramids can act in ways which are very similar of a natural electrical capacitor, storing energy around them. Larger pyramids mean greater storing capacity. The composition is very important: crystal material can increase the power of the pyramid, because it has energy applications and shows natural piezoelectric characteristics.


The pyramid shape has the function to accumulate energy and amplify energetic force. Recently, some of the pyramids throughout the world have started to discharge.

Cavity structural effect

Pyramids have another property called “Cavity structural effect”, discovered by Dr. Viktor S. Grebennikov, who used the CSE to construct rudimentary anti-gravity platform.


Grebennikon also claimed to feel energies coming from a pyramid`s apex: “Soon, you will pick up an active zone where the tombs of the Egyptians were; this zone is called a cloth. Another active zone, called a flame, is above the top of the pyramid, perceived by the indicator when dragged over the top. Both zones, the clot and the flame, can be felt by the finger when inserted in the pyramid, or if you move the palm above the pyramid, but it will take some practice. The pyramid effect is one of the CSE manifestations, and for many years it created many mysterious and scary stories.”

“Death vortex” of the Bermuda Triangle


The pyramids can create another phenomenon which is very deadly, an energy vortex.

According to survivors from the terrible incidents which have occurred in this region, they very caught in huge, swirling vortices which appeared and disappeared suddenly.

This phenomenon can be a possible cause of many missing ships.


The underwater pyramids have been observed, discovering that they occasionally generate strong vortices, which can be caused by a discharge of the internal energy. The possibility of discharging massive energy through the apexes, can explain the deadly surface vortices which have swallowed whole ships along with the crews.

Further expeditions are required in order to uncover the truth. But deep sea archaeology is very expensive, and the funds are not enough. Most of the funding’s go for underwater researches or ancient wrecks which may contain treasure.

Another thing- the world experts and universities are not too happy about the idea that some ancient ruins contain high technology unknown to the modern world, because it will challenge the core foundation of their theories.

source: simplecapacity.com