These 15 Signs Can Warn You Of Cancer, Which We Ignore Until It`s Too Late!

People with cancer history in their family are usually very careful about possible cancer-warning signs, in order to catch them in time and treat the problem.

These 15 Signs Can Warn You Of Cancer, Which We Ignore Until It`s Too Late!

Most of the others tend to ignore these signs, until it`s too late. We need to recognize the warning signs, in order to be able to act on time and, possibly, save our life.

Each type of cancer shows certain symptoms of its own, which depend on how developed it is or where it has developed. But there are some common and universal signs for most cancer types. Here is a list of 15 of them, and most of them seem very harmless.

  1. Changes in the stool: Different stool size or color, as well as frequent and unexplained diarrhea or constipation, accompanied by regular pain can indicate lower digestive tract cancer.
  2. Changes in your urine: Pain during urination of frequent need to urinate can indicate cancer of prostate or bladder.
  3. Sores: Any type of sore should be reported to the doctor, for a check-up because they can indicate oral, skin or genital cancer.
  4. Bleeding: Bloody stool or urine, coughing blood or bloody discharge can indicate many different types of cancer, so if you notice any type of unexplained bleeding, consult your doctor.
  5. Lumps: If you notice some new lump or growth, or if some old one has changed its size, consult with your doctor immediately because it can be an indication of different types of cancer.
  6. Problems with digestion: Indigestion is very common for all sorts of reasons, so it`s usually very neglected symptom. But it can be a sign of upper digestive tract cancer. Other problems which you need to pay attention to is frequent and persistent stomach pain and difficulty swallowing.
  7. Changed moles or freckles: If you notice some changes of the size, color or shape of your moles or freckles, it can be a possible indication for skin or other cancer type, especially if accompanied by pain.
  8. Unusual growth of hair: This can indicate skin cancer, but also something else, so consult your doctor to determine the reasons.
  9. Skin changes: Changes on the skin can indicate skin cancer, but also many other types of cancer. Be careful if your skin gets dark, red or yellow for no particular reason.
  10. Constant pain: If you can`t get rid of certain pain, like back pain or headache, seek for medical help, because chronic pain can be an indication of some type of cancer.
  11. Unexplained weight loss: If you start losing weight without any particular reason like diet, some lifestyle change or using medications, check with your doctor, because this is one of the most common symptoms of cancer.
  12. Chronic coughing: It can be an indication of a respiratory tract cancer, like lung or throat cancer.
  13. Unusual lymph nodes: If the lymph nodes get swollen, painful and tender, consult with your doctor, it`s a possible sign of some cancer.
  14. Fever: it`s a symptom of many different conditions, but it can also indicate a cancer spreading to different organs.
  15. Fatigue: This is the natural response of the immune system, so it can be a warning cancer-sign. Chronic fatigue should be reported to the doctor, because certain cancer types cause blood loss, causing fatigue.