12 Worst Habits That Pregnant Women’s Should Completely Stop

All women dream to become a mother one day. Pregnancy can be the most beautiful moment, this period if preparing the future mother for what`s coming next. Every mother will do anything in their power to protect the child from any possible harm. Still, during the pregnancy, usually unknowingly, women fall to bad habits or continue with the same lifestyle as previous. These things, no matter how they small may seem, can harm the baby inside them because the behavior of the mother influences the development of the baby during the next 9 months.

These 12 bad habits should be avoid or completely stopped, if you are expecting:

– Eating while distracted: Don`t eat while you watch TV or check your cell phone, there is a chance that you`ll do the same when you are breastfeeding the child, which is dangerous because it can lead to choking or an ear infection due to an incorrect position. Also, you may miss the signals when the baby is full.

– You don`t check your weight: If you are pregnant, it does not mean you should eat for two. All you need is to increase the food intake by 530 calories. If you gain weight during the pregnancy, it can not only result I obesity in the mother, but also in the newborn, and lead to lifelong diseases.

– Smoking: We all know this, still 33% of pregnant women continue smoking even when they are expecting. This can damage the baby`s lungs and create all sorts of health complications during birth and later in their life, physically and mentally.

– Alcohol and drugs: There is no need in telling you that alcohol and drugs can not only hurt you, but the baby you are carrying as well. It may cause miscarriage, premature birth or damages to the baby`s nervous system. Also, drinking and using drugs can lower your chances of conceiving.

– Not enough sleep: Pregnancy is exhausting, so proper sleep is very important. An 8-10 hour sleep will help you cope with the stress, normalize your blood pressure and improve your mood. During the last trimester, it is very important to rest as much as you can, in proper posture so that the baby can grow in peaceful conditions.

– Too much junk food: Craving are normal during pregnancy, you feel the need for sugar, carbs and fatty food, but too much will only result in obesity, high blood pressure or high sugar levels. Junk food is bad for the mother as well as for the unborn baby. Food rich in sugars, carbs, with low nutritional value can cause the baby to be overweight and develop some health complications later in life.

– Too much coffee or tea: Drink rich in caffeine can lead to premature, undernourished and undersized babies, and they can even cause miscarriage.

– Too much or not enough exercising: During the pregnancy, you should stay active, to ease the delivery and stay healthy. But don`t overdo it, avoid jumping exercises or lifting heavy weights.

– You don`t deal with stress: When you`re pregnant, the hormones get crazy, you feel stressed or depressed. This is normal, but you need to deal with it properly. Engage in some activities which make you happy, address the stress correctly, because stress is very harmful got the fetus, not only you.

– You avoid visiting the doctor: Just because you are lazy, it does not mean you don`t have to visit your doctor, it may be dangerous. Don`t skip the doctor`s office even when you feel okay, he will know what to look for, to check the weight gain of both you and the baby, check for possible complications which must be treated on time, and do regular scans.

– Long journeys: Don`t go to long journeys while pregnant if you don`t need to. Your feet will get swollen from hanging, you won`t be able to see your doctor, it will be uncomfortable for your back, so avoid long travels at all costs.

You need to take proper care of you and the fetus during this period of your life. Negligent behavior can harm you and the unborn baby, so avoid all of these bad habits as much as possible.

Source: healthadvisorgroup.com