12 Facts About Farting That Most Of Us Didn’t Know

Bodily functions like farting, hiccups and burping will get you embarrassed, make you laugh or they can just annoy you. But farting is the crown jewel here.

What do you know about farts? They smell and sound funny, and they come from our behind. Here are 12 facts about farting you probably didn’t know:

– The word “fart” was coined in 1962 and its original meaning was “wind from the anus”

– Average adult farts 14 times a day

– You can fill up a balloon with those 14 farts.

– Men fart more than women

– Most farts happen while we sleep

– The speed of fart is up to 10 ft/sec

– Farts mean that you are healthy and you should be embarrassed about it. They are produces by a healthy digestive tract. Consult your doctor if you`re not farting at all.

– Farts are consisted of hydrogen sulfide which can reduce mitochondrial damage. It is healthy to smell farts, so the next time you fart don`t forget to take a deep breathe.

– Female farts stink more because of higher concentration of hydrogen sulfide, but they are also healthier to smell.

– Two things that make you fart more are soda and gums.

– Animals which produce most farts are termites, which are followed by camels, zebras, sheep, cows, elephants and dogs (especially retrievers and Labradors).

– Tight sphincter produces louder farts, because it`s squeezed through a smaller and tighter area.

source: www.healthtipsportal.com