Aging is a process that none of us can stop, it’s just a natural thing. But, one thing that depends on you is how you age, and you should make sure that you age gracefully.

Your lifestyle has a great impact on your aging process, and here are some things you should avoid in order to look youthful.

1. Don’t give in to cravings, because there is nothing worse than that. I mean, sure there is, but sweets include highly processed sweeteners, which stimulates the process known as cytokines which leads to inflammation. Keep in mind that sugar causes wrinkles, tired-looking and puffy eyes.

2. Make sure you sleep well, which means your sleep should last for about 7 to 9 hours. Not having enough sleep causes negative physical and psychological effects. And also if you don’t sleep well you will feel lazy throughout the days, and you will have more desires for high-calories foods, which we all know that it results in increased body weight and blood sugar levels.

3. Not having enough time for yourself is also a great factor. If you want to look younger, make sure that you take good care of yourself and love yourself.

4. Don’t use alcohol as a problem solver because drinking too much alcohol may cause liver problems as well as to decelerate the metabolism. Remember that alcohol will not solve your problems, it will only worsen them.

5. Remember to always forgive and move forward to the solution of your problem. By forgiving to others and yourself, you will feel free.

6. Don’t forget to hang out with your friends, because friends can always relax you. Being antisocial won’t bring you any good luck for solving any problems.

7. Try to have a more healthy diet and eat more organic food instead of GMO or foods sprayed with pesticides.

8. Don’t let your intimate life be harmed in any way. The intimacy you have with your partner has an enormous effect on the aging process.

9. Exercise regularly, but not for losing fat, but just for the fact that you will know that by working out you will be healthier and you will also have a very beautiful skin.

10. Don’t forget to have fun! Being too serious is not very good for your health. Seriously! Some things should be taken seriously, but try to have fun along the way and laugh as much as you can!

source: timeforhealthyfood.com